Beeswax is a natural product from bees that has many uses. One of them is, as an excellent preservative for the baking trays on our Wafee wafer-maker.

The beeswax provides protection by treating and preserving the baking trays, which prevents corrosion and also prevents batter from sticking.

You only need to treat the baking trays with beeswax once, preferably after each wafer baking session (it also depends on how many wafers you bake and how often).


Guidelines for using beeswax:

🐝 Let the baking plates warm up – pay attention to safety, there is a risk of burns.

🐝 Wrap the beeswax in a cotton cloth or use our practical linen bag.

🐝 S takto pripraveným voskom premažte ešte horúce pečúce plochy i okraje platní – stačí malé množstvo, určite nenechajte vosk stekať dolu po pečúcich platniach.

🐝 Be sure to be safe and pay extra special attention.


Before putting the wafer-maker away, it is advisable to place a sheet of greased baking paper between the baking trays, NEVER a paper towel (it absorbs moisture).

If the baking trays are clean and treated, but the wafers still stick together, it is necessary to make adjustments to the wafer batter – DO NOT ADD MORE BEESWAX TO THE TRAY.

Under no circumstances use edible oil, because over time it will have the opposite effect – the wafers will start to stick to the trays and smell.

Improper use of the beeswax can damage the product (for example by wax leaking into the electrical components). Such damage to the product is not accepted as a reason for complaint or return.


I hope we have explained, in a little more detail, just how to use beeswax with the wafer-maker. Please take this to heart to avoid unwanted situations and to keep your wafer-maker in proper working order. It deserves it 🙂

Best regards

Your Wafee team 🐝