…or the Wafee wafer-maker in the Majolika folk style.

This year we have prepared a particularly tasty novelty for you. And this year’s wafers will stand out on (not only) Modra ceramic plates and dishes.
Since we received great praise for our first painted wafer-maker with a “Vajnory” folk design, we decided to do it again. We had set the bar quite high for ourselves, so we took our time coming up with our new, limited-edition, „facelift“.

Taking into account the traditional significance, we decided to stick with the folk style. It can be said that we were enchanted by Modra ceramics with its beautiful patterns and decorations, all of which fit perfectly into the machine. That was actually the hardest nut to crack. You also helped us choose this particular design, for which we are grateful and at the same time glad that you were able to contribute. We made a small compromise for our, and your, indecision, which led to great joy!

Thank you for all your votes, observations and comments, as well as compliments… All of which undoubtedly contributed to the final appearance of Wafee. And that’s exactly how we imagined it. I think that, once again, we have managed to create an exclusive piece of work, which will please the eye and the stomach. Traditional art has been respectfully preserved and the wafers will be just as crispy and crunchy as always.

Once again the talented artist Saška helped us with the unique * hand-painted * design, a task she brilliantly completed. Judge for yourself! We have enclosed photo documentation, to show that we’re not just blowing smoke. Every single piece is unique and one-of-a-kind, on every single piece there is a bit of human work and love that the artist has put into it 🙂 just as there is in every single baked wafer – because wafers simply cannot be baked OTHERWISE THAN WITH LOVE !!!

Thank you for your support and goodwill. We remain faithfully yours.

Best regards
Your Wafee team 💙